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tufting filling personal care brush machine brush Yitong company

tufting filling personal care brush machine brush Yitong company

Brand Name
Model Number
Payment Item
T/T or western Union, LC
Price Item
Delivery Time
30 days
Packaging Details
Belt, PP bag and Wooden box
Place of Origin
Guangzhou, China
Company Advantages
1. toothbrush manufacturing machine design of toothbrush manufacturing machine cost have helped Yitong Brush Machine win the market. Our machines have been exported to 28 countries around the world
2. [公司名称] has formed a sound sales network, service system and quality management system. The design can be easily changed
3. Our machines can function perfectly. Yitong Brush Machine put the features of personal care brush machine,paint brush machine emphasis on the first to ensure the quality.
4. brush filling machine is waterproof and easily cleaned. Our machines are produced with high quality and high efficiency
5. Our personal care brush machine has many usages and is widely used in brush making machine manufacturers. We have been able to manufacture 5-axis 5-head machines, 5-axis 3-head machines and a series of new models
PRODUCT introdction

3 axis drilling machine quick to set up and easy to operate. it is ideal for cylinder or disk brushes. and there have 2-4 positions on the machine, The operator manually loads the virgin blocks onto the machine for drilling. When the drilling is over, table move to next position keep producing, the operator removes the drilled block and add a virgin block on the machine to continue the working circle. during the operating, the machine is no need to stop, it would run automatic.



Full automatic, no need to stop the machine even changing the virgin blocks.
Ability to produce flat brushes with upright filling, easy to change design.




3 axis



Standard Working Area

X*Y = 200mm*200mm*360°

Diameter of holes

2mm-10mm(by design)

Production speed


Material of brush blocks

Plastic, wooden, aluminum


Servo motors 

Quantity of designs

Maximum 36000 holes

Gross Weight

Around 1000KGS

Power Supply

Three phase 380V, 50-60HZ

Power consumption (kW)


Dimensions of machine (l x p x h, mm)

1500 * 1200 * 1450

Dimensions of power box (l x p x h, mm)

580 * 660 * 1500


Company Features
1. [公司名称] is a personal care brush machine supplier with long experience in the industry. - [公司名称] has large base in China for critical technology.
2. All Shall Be Well, Jack Shall Have Jill. Customers Can Choose Their Desired Quality brush filling machine, toothbrush manufacturing machine, toothbrush manufacturing machine cost From Yitong's Products Range. Check It!
3. Yitong insists in good quality and reliable products as well as quality control. - personal care brush machine is top of the agenda at Yitong. Contact!
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